Imme Tröger - Sängerin (modern)

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“Gloomy Sunday” (Filmmusik)
“The closest thing to crazy” (Katie Melua)
“Over the rainbow” (Eva Cassidy)
“Golden Slumbers” (The Beatles)
“Underneath your clothes” (Shakira)
“Mama mia” (ABBA)
“Gimme gimme gimme” (ABBA)
“Waterloo” (ABBA)
“Thank you for the music” (ABBA)
“The winner takes it all” (ABBA)
“Nur een Zimmerchen irgendwo” (My fair lady)
„Ich hätt getanzt heut Nacht“ (My fair lady)
„Out here on my own“ (Fame)
„Breathless“ (The Corrs)

Max Pabel

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